State Tax Relief

Tax Reform

High earning New Yorkers from all political parties are fleeing the Empire State for low-taxing states.  The top four choices are Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.  Through tax relief or population erosion, New York State Tax Revenue is decreasing either way.


Expenses need to be cut and pensions need to be renegotiated.  New York State needs as many fiscal realists as possible in the legislature to face this growing problem head on.

Tort Reform - Keep Doctors from Fleeing New York State

Tort Reform

Healthcare costs continue to rise as medical provider insurance is needed to cover the astronomical outcomes of malpractice suites.  We are losing talented and compassionate providers who can no longer afford to do business in New York State.


Tort reform is at the core of solving our Healthcare crisis.

Doctors are human and should be held accountable for negligence and mistakes. However, we all bear the cost when malpractice suites are used as wealth transfers.

I will work to build public awareness and support for this essential task in making healthcare affordable again.

Sanctuary State

Democrats in our State Assembly are pushing to make New York a sanctuary state. You cannot have open borders and a welfare state. You must pick one.

We’re already a welfare state, meaning: if you collapse in the street, you will be taken care of in a hospital, whether you have means to pay or not.

It’s fiscally irresponsible to turn New York into a magnet for undocumented immigrants. The panoply of giveaways that current Democratic legislators are offering in their open-borders policy: housing, medical and tuition, would devastate New York's economy.


I will work tirelessly to hold force an honest conversation about the full economic impact that a sanctuary state policy would have on our state budget, infrastructure, voting integrity and social services.

Elimination of the Manhattan Cab Riding Tax

Cab Riding Tax

Beginning on January 1st, 2019, all Yellow Cab rides venturing below 96th street in Manhattan will be subject to a $2.50 tax.  You will pay an additional $2.75 for Uber, Lyft and Via.

This was unanimously approved as part of the New York State Budget for 2019.


Our first priority is to protect the Yellow Cab Drivers who have made a substantial investment in our city with the purchase of Medallions.

I will work with fellow members of the Senate to build awareness for the Cab Drivers of New York City, and then fight to have the Cab Riding Tax removed from the 2020 State Budget.

Education - Stop Dumbing Down our Schools

Charter SchoolsThe Specialized High Schools Admissions Test has been in place for decades.  It is a fair, straight-forward assessment of merit that determines entry into New York City’s elite public high schools.

This long-standing practice has come under fire for one simple – and rather horrific – reason: Certain people, such as Mayor De Blasio, are upset by the high percentage of Asian students gaining entry and have called for the SHSAT score to be radically diminished in importance.


The push to marginalize SHSAT is racism against Asian people.  It is wrong. 

Merit needs to be rewarded, not sidelined because of politics or racism.  As a Member of the State Senate, I will not shy away from calling out racism, even when it comes cloaked in the form of activism.

Term Limits - 8 years for Governor / 12 years for State Legislators

Term Limits

Our democracy remains vital when our legislative branches are comprised of citizen lawmakers, not a political class.

We watch as well-intentioned individuals turn politics into a career, using their platform to bar entry to new people and new ideas.

Both major parties are guilty of discouraging primaries and enabling career politicians to entrench.


Pete will introduce term-limit legislation: 8 years for Governor / 12 years for State Legislators.

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