What is success? Success means a lot to different people. Lost beneath the yelling, bitter politics, divisive rhetoric, and struggle for power, are millions of good people who want to succeed. What does success mean to you?

My name is Pete Holmberg, and I'm running for New York State Senate in the district that President Trump and his family call home. As a New Yorker, a patriot, and a businessman, I'm horrified by the way Manhattan is treated by our government. From egregious taxes, to disrespectful restrictions on law enforcement, there are so many poor decisions threatening the future of Senatorial District 28, the place I've called home for more than 26 years...

What's it like being a gay candidate running for public office? Pete Holmberg sits down for a one-on-one talk about today's political climate, his philosophy on the role of elected officials and why he decided to throw his hat in the ring for New York State Senate.



Pete's statement on Mayor Bill de Blasio's Attempt to turn Rikers Island into a voter mill

On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city’s Board of Elections will launch an effort to help Rikers Island detainees register to vote and cast absentee ballots if they’re in custody, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

State law prohibits a person serving time for a felony or on parole from voting. Felons who have served their time and are not on parole are free to vote.

Aides to the mayor said the Board of Elections will work with the Legal Aid Society to get detainees on the voting rolls.

There are an estimated 8,000 people on Rikers, but city officials said they expect about 6,000 to be eligible to vote. The vast majority of detainees on the island jail have not yet been convicted of a crime. Most of them are awaiting trial or are in custody because they could not afford bail.

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