What is success? Success means a lot to different people. Lost beneath the yelling, bitter politics, divisive rhetoric, and struggle for power, are millions of good people who want to succeed. What does success mean to you?

Debate with Democratic Incumbent Senator Liz Krueger: Pete has his first of several debates with Democratic incumbent Senator Liz Krueger. The dabate was moderated by Associated Press correspondent Julie Walker. They candidates discussed their similarities and differences and how they would solve issues brought to them by voters in District 28. Watch it now!

My name is Pete Holmberg, and I'm running for New York State Senate: As a New Yorker, a patriot, and a businessman, I'm horrified by the way Manhattan is treated by our government. From egregious taxes, to restrictions on law enforcement, poor decisions in Albany and at City Hall threaten the future of Senatorial District 28.

What's it like being a gay candidate running for public office? Pete Holmberg talks about today's political climate and why he decided to throw his hat in the ring for New York State Senate.

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